Every year we are inviting people all over the world to gather teams, come to Klaipėda and Enjoy one of the best beach there is... :) Almost untouched nature, white and soft sanded beach, refreshing sea & local craft beer... mmmm... Yeah, we all have earned luxury to have at least a bit of it :) 

We can promise that you and your teammates will have unforgettable summer experience or even whole expedition here! :D

Important information

The main things you probably want to know are:


  • 21-22 of July 2018



  • miXed


  • Great and limited time offer is available here


  • BEAM is an amazing place, believe us, you want to be there even when there's no sun. But of course, we are negotiating for some warm sunshine as well and we promise to do everything we can :)

Team registration

When registering we will ask you to present:

  • Your team name;
  • Preferred division;
  • Approximate number of players;
  • Home city & Country;
  • Team rep. name, phone number & E-mail;
  • Team photo & logo.

Please, send your applications & questions to – sunbeamklaipeda@gmail.com

Fees and Deadlines

Early & late bids have different prices. Register your team, gather funds & pay before the deadline - save money - book & pay early!
Team Fee: Early bid - 200 €; late bid - 250 €
Player Fee: 15 €

Banking details here

Vibes from 2017

Registered teams


  1. Jellyfish Mane(a)ter (International)
  2. EurUp (International)
  3. Fulham Flyers Sand (International)
  4. Ultimate Saku (Saku, EE)
  5. Frequent Flyers (International)
  6. KossMix (Vilnius, LT)
  7. Sirocco (Riga, LV)
  8. Fun-deMint-als (Kent, UK)
  9. Pyragai (Newcastle, UK)
  10. Ventspils Frisbee Klub  (Ventspils, LV)
  11. Ultimate Farmers (Lüneburg, DE)
  12. Sun City Colibri (Šiauliai, LT)
  13. Marių Meškos (Klaipėda, LT)
  14. Vorai (Vilnius, LT)
  15. Yellow Fever (Prague, CZ)
  16. Phoenix (Brest, BY)
  17. Tartu Flyers (Tartu, EE)
  18. Plan B (International)
  19. Blan P  (International)
  20. RJPwarszawa (Warsaw, PL)
  21. Salaspils FK (Salaspils, LV)
  22. Salaspils JR (Salaspils, LV)
  23. Sport i (Odessa, UA)
  24. Enclave (Kaliningrad, RU) (canceled out)

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